Directional Boring

Method in which conduit or cables are installed using boring equipment with a steerable head. This is a viable alternative when areas cannot be disturbed on the surface or existing obstacles prohibit other methods of installation. Often used for installation under roads and parking lots. Other uses include high profile areas such as delicate landscape, golf courses, parks, and areas where conventional equipment cannot be used. There are certain applications where This method is preferred by county and/or state government.


Entails similar installation of pipe or wire at a wider and deeper trench, with quite a bit more clean-up involved and priced accordingly. Utilizing a backhoe enables us to install a large diameter or number of pipes. A backhoe can also be used in very rocky conditions when no other equipment is powerful enough to complete the task. It is also used when setting large junction boxes instead of hand digging which is more time consuming.


Method in which we can bury any size pipe and any amount of pipes, approximately 3-5 feet deep, give or take a couple of inches. This will take a little more care, regarding the clean-up, involving backfilling, tamping in dirt and raking the trench line out, then seed and straw. Trenching enables us to easily install multiple conduits in a single trench. It can be an alternative to vibratory plowing when the ground conditions are poor and don’t allow a plow to complete the work.

Custom Concrete Work

Absolute has provided specialty Concrete work including pole bases for lighting, cameras, solar panels and signalization. We also have a successful background providing concrete encased duct banks, generator, parking and card reader pads. We custom build pole bases to your specifications using your plans and templates. This enables our clients to have a single source for all the ground work on many projects.

Absolute underground

Proofing Pipe

This involves cleaning debris out of pipe by using air pressure, then installing mule tape or jet line into the pipe. This is done by using the air pressure to push a
plug through the pipe with the string attached until it reaches the opposite end
 of the run. This results in a continuous piece of string throughout the entire
span of pipe. The type of mule tape or jet line to be used depends on the size of the wire that will be installed at a later date.

Fiber Optic, Copper, and Coax Cabling

For 16 years we have specialized in outside plant communications work. Our
capabilities have evolved to include inside plant builds (ISP), and aerial
capabilities to create a turnkey contractor handle almost any communication,
CATV, card reader, charging station, solar, etc. project.

Vibratory Plowing

Method of burying any type of utility wire with virtually no clean-up, except a little
tamping and raking. It’s basically sewing the cable into the ground
approximately 18-24 inches deep. Plowing is a fast, cost effective way of
installing cable and or wire in open areas where existing utilities do not

Land Boring

A process of digging a pit placing a pneumatic missile in the pit and
shooting the missile to the receiving hole and continuing the process
until you reach your destination.

Pole Base for lighting, cameras, solar panels and signalization